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Shungite Tolvu Online Store – Authentic Shungite From Karelia, Russia

Welcome to our official Shungite Tolvu online store. Our online store presents shungite catalog products made of natural Russian shungite stone only. We provide various prices for our customers, as well as wholesale prices for our partners. If you are a wholesale buyer. Please contact us via the feedback form – contact us.

Please note that all prices on our website are indicated in US Dollars.

You can always see the price in US dollars to have an idea of the exact cost of your order. Shungite tolvu online store produces goods directly in the rock deposit of shungite stone in Republic of Karelia. But we deliver our shungite goods from our transit warehouse in the USA and Europe. This is due to the fact that currently there is a very difficult situation with the delivery of our goods from Russia due to the surrounding difficult situation.

Shungite Tolvu

In our Catalog you will find more than 200 different products from genuine shungite raw stone. Each of our products is made of pieces of shungite stone. Each item is cut manually. These are not pressed factory molds.

On the page of your shopping cart, you can see the final cost of your order in US dollars. Just specify the shipping country to see the exact shipping cost calculations.

Please note that our Shungite Tolvu online store also offers free shipping when ordering goods for more than $35. But this promotion is not valid for all countries. Please specify the country of delivery in your shopping cart to check the availability of free shipping. Our customers from the USA, UK, Europe and Canada are guaranteed access to free shipping when ordering more than $35.

We produce and sell products from 100% authentic Karelian shungite stone.