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Our Shungite Tolvu store offers to you elite shungite stones. The cost of genuine shungite is relatively high for retail purchases. Because it is an extremely rare mineral. In addition, there is a high probability of getting a fake of this rare and valuable mineral.

We are located directly in Karelia at the world’s only elite shungite stone Deposit. The only mine for the extraction of this mineral is completely exhausted.There are still small veins that are scattered along the shores of lake Onega and are very difficult to find. We offer you a 100% guarantee of authenticity in our store for silver shungite. We have an official certificate of chemical research of samples in the laboratory Of the geological Institute of our city of Petrozavodsk.
As a result we guarantee you the authenticity of every sample of elite shungite stone in our Shungite Tolvu store.

Noble shungite has a silver color and visually differs from the classic black shungite. Elite shungite contains the maximum amount of carbon from all shungite types. This is about 98% carbon. Elite shungite is a rarer mineral than black shungite. But this silvery shungite was not the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of EMF protection. On the contrary, the black shungite stone has been studied in this area. Silver shungite is used to mineralize water and saturate water with fullerenes. Samples of large elite shungite stones are also appreciated among collectors and enthusiasts among minerals.

The smaller the size of silver shungite stones, the faster the mineralization of water occurs.