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Our shop Shungite Tolvu offers gor you raw shungite stones for water purification. We deliver authentic black shungite directly from the Zazhoginsky Deposit in the Republic of Karelia.
We bring large chunks of raw shungite, and then grind them into smaller chunks of 1-4 centimeters / 0.4″ to 1.57 inches in size.
Authentic shungite stones for water purification are packed in bags of various weights so that you can choose the amount that you need. Then more black shungite stones in the package, the lower the price.

Black shungite stones get your hands very dirty. This is black shungite dust that is on the stones after crushing. Just wash the stones under running water to wash away this dust. After that, the raw shungite stones will not stain your hands as much as before, but it will still leave some traces.

Raw shungite stone is used for water purification in central water supply systems. In addition, it is used to clean and disinfect water in swimming pools and other water bodies. In the course of worldwide scientific research, it was found thatauthentic shungite stone has sorption and antibacterial properties. This rare black stone is much more effective than any other natural sorbent.

You can clearly see on the surface of raw shungite stones inclusions of Pyrite and Quartz in the form of veins. This is one of the signs of a genuine shungite stone. in addition, shungite is a conductor of electric current. You can do this simple test at home.