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A round engraved shungite plate has a pattern on one side. This drawing is made by engraving. In this connection, it will not be erased over long-term use of the shungite plate.

You can choose the size of the Round engraved shungite plate as well as the pattern that should be applied to its surface. On the back side of the shungite plate for the phone there is a protective layer with an adhesive base. You need to carefully remove the protective film of the adhesive base, and stick the engraved shungite plate in the place you need.

Please note that the base on which the shungite plate for the phone will be glued must be smooth, clean and dry. In addition, the shungite plate can only be glued once. You can use the shungite plate anywhere. It may not be just your phone. Any EMF source in your home or apartment can be protected. For example, use your plate on your microwave oven or TV or the back cover of your laptop.

If you tear off this plate, the next mount will not be as reliable. Also, over time, the polished (mirror) surface of the engraved shungite plate will become matte. As a result of constant friction against clothing or skin. But the engraved drawing penetrates deep into the shungite stone and has a texture. This pattern is durable and will never be erased. in addition, the drawing has a stylish and pleasant design in the form of a magical energy symbol.