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Shungite Tolvu store offers you shungite pendants made of authentic shungite stone. More than 10 different geometric shapes of pendants. Currently, only some popular geometric shapes are available for purchase in our shungite store. All our pendants are made from a single piece of genuine shungite. We do not use pressed factory molds for the manufacture of our pendants. Each shungite pendant is hand-carved from whole pieces of shungite. So you get a pendant made of real shungite stone, but not a resin mold.

Many sellers from different countries of the world make their products and pendants from resin. This resin has a black color and is similar to a shungite stone. These goods are manufactured in factory molds under high pressure. In this regard, such products are very similar to natural stone.

In addition, please note that genuine shungite stone contains inclusions of Pyrite and Quartz. These two minerals are clearly visible on the unpolished surface of shungite or on raw shungite stone. But on the polished surface, these two minerals are poorly visible but still distinguishable. These visual signs can help for the initial identification of a genuine shungite stone. Also, shungite stone conducts electric current. But some black minerals also have this ability.

All our products are protected by a certificate as well as the results of laboratory analysis. These studies were carried out at our Geological Institute in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia Region. It is here that the only genuine shungite stone deposit on the planet is located.