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We are glad to welcome you to our online store. All our products are made of authentic natural shungite stone. Each Shungite Tolvu product is hand-cut from a single piece of real shungite. This is not a pressed factory mold.

Zazhoginsky quarry in Karelia
Shungite Stone Karelian Deposit

We personally organize the entire production process. From the supply of natural shungite stone from the Deposit to the manufacture of final products.

In fact, the production of natural stone products is a very complex process. It all starts with field development. In Karelia, this is the only developed shungite deposit Zazhogino (or Zazhoginskoye), which is located near the village of Tolvuya in the Medvezhyegorsky region of the Republic of Karelia, Russia. The development is carried out by only one single enterprise, “Carbon Shungit”. It has a license to develop these subsoil resources in Russia and has been conducting extensive scientific research into the shungite rock for many years. We purchase shungite stone of the third type from this company.
Next, we organized the production process at our own enterprise in Karelia and produce a huge range of shungite products and do engraving.

production stages from shipping and cutting to finished products
Production stages

We cut blocks of shungite stone on specialized machines into blanks, then manually cut out specific products. This is very labor-intensive work in the Karelian region with a northern climate. Next, we process the surface of our products – grinding and polishing it. The polishing process is a repeated process of rubbing the stone using special hard, small particles of abrasive. They make the surface polished and therefore shiny. We do not paint our products, they are shiny due to polishing.

The process of polishing shungite pendants in Karelia
The process of polishing shungite pendants

Beware of counterfeits

The actual process of making shungite stone products is very different from what is produced in China and falsely called shungite. Here we come to the production of counterfeits in China. Typically, such counterfeits are made using stamped molds: black liquid materials are poured into them, which then harden. It can be glass, plastic, acrylic and often even dangerous elements. Therefore, no one really knows what they are made of. They are very cheap and widespread almost everywhere, so the risk of running into a fake is currently very high.

Zazhoginsky Shungite Deposit

The Zazhogino Deposit in the Republic of Karelia is exactly the Shungite that has become the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of protection from EMF, water purification and many other unique and amazing properties of this black mineral.

Zazhoginsky Deposit, Republic of Karelia, Russia

The Shungite Tolvu company has been producing a variety of products from real shungite stone for more than 7 years. Each product is hand-carved by a craftsman from a monolithic single piece of natural shungite stone. We do not manufacture our products in molds or other stamped methods. We offer only natural products of 100% quality.

Shungite Tolvu guarantee of authenticity

We make all our products from genuine shungite stone. This deposit is located in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. We have done independent research at our Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk. Our city was named after Peter Romanov, the great Russian tsar.

Here are the results of chemical studies of three types of shungite stones. Regular (black, classic) shungite of the third type. Gray shungite (Petrovsky shungite) the second type. Elite shungite of the first type.

Please note that the results of chemical studies of genuine shungite are presented in Russian. You can see the П.П.П. value on each result, for each type of shungite. This abbreviation means: The concentration of the substance or the percentage of the substance in the mixture is the ratio of the mass of the substance to the mass of the mixture, written as a percentage: K= (mv/M)*100%, where mv is the mass of the substance, M is the mass of the whole mixture, K is the concentration (percentage) substances. In other words, this is the amount of carbon content in the studied shungite samples.

Shungite chemical composition regular shungite

Elite (noble) Shungite chemical composition

Petrovskiy Shungite chemical composition

Special offers for our partners

In addition, due to numerous requests from our customers, we decided to try ourselves in the production of goods for bulk price. Many of our clients also want to help people get a natural shungite stone, not a fake one. Indeed, at the moment there are very much fakes on the international market. This is due to the fact that only the Republic of Karelia has a single Deposit of genuine shungite stone. The Shungite Tolvu, will provide you with a guarantee of authenticity and high quality products. We will meet your wildest expectations as we have for thousands of our trusted clients.

Transaction security in our Shungite Tolvu store

Shungite Tolvu strive to provide our customers with the best service. In addition, we pay considerable attention to the security of our transactions. In this regard, a PayPal payment method is installed on our website. This payment service protects both sellers and buyers. You can always be sure that you will receive a full refund of your funds if for any reason you wish to return your product. If your order has not been delivered or you doubt the authenticity of our products, then you are also entitled to a full refund of your funds. Please note that the payment takes place on a separate page of the PayPal payment service. Thus, your payments are protected by PayPal.

Shungite certificate

Please note that shungite stone is not a product for mandatory certification on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is due to the fact that Shungite stone is recognized as absolutely safe for healthy people. Such products are not subject to mandatory certification. However, this does not mean that shungite cannot be certified. We want to give our customers not only simple verbal or written promises of guarantees, but also provide official confirmation of the authenticity of our products. We have received A certificate of compliance with the state standard of the Russian Federation on the voluntary certification of our products made of natural shungite stone. This certificate is shown below.

Shungite certificate Tolvu
Shungite certificate
Shungite certificate Tolvu 2026
Shungite certificate

Many sellers from different countries of the world attach only a certificate of state registration of a small enterprise, but not a certificate of conformity (quality) of their products. Shungite Tolvu, focused on long-term cooperation with our regular customers and are ready to offer them the best quality and guarantee the authenticity of each of our products. You can order a small batch of product for a sample to decide on larger orders with our small company.

Also, please visit our page – About shungite. Here you can find more information about this rare and amazing stone. in addition, you will find on this page the results of chemical studies of shungite stone, which we did at our Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk.

Why else should you trust us?

We have been operating since 2017 and have a huge number of satisfied customers on online platforms such as eBay and, since 2023, Amazon.

In total, our stores have more than 6 thousand positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

What does the word “Tolvu” mean in our brand name?

This word is a paraphrase of the name of the Karelian village of Tolvuya, in the vicinity of which shungite is mined. After all, this is the only place of its origin on Earth!

We feel a deep spiritual connection with this village of Tolvuya, with Karelia and this ancient black stone. And we want to bring shungite into your life, because its power is truly amazing.

The SHUNGITE TOLVU ® brand is a registered trademark.

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