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Shungite tile

The Shungite tile has the shape of an equilateral square measuring 10 by 10 centimeters / 4 to 4 inches. We offer you two options for the front surface shungite square plate. The square shape successfully combines proportions and usability. Collect several plates nearby and get a large area of protection. The type of surface does not affect the ability of shungite. Choose what you like best visually.

Unpolished and Polished surface

The first option is unpolished. This is a smooth, even surface on both sides of the shungite plate. This surface does not have the mirror effect of a surface like a polished surface. But it has a more natural color shungite stone as in nature. In addition, veins of pyrite and Quartzite are clearly visible on this surface. As a result, each Shungite tile has a unique pattern.

The second option is a shungite tile polished surface. This surface has a mirror effect. In addition, it has a more saturated black deep color. Veins of pyrite and Quartzite are visible on such a surface, but at a certain angle.

How to use shungite tile

Shungite tile has a relatively large size. This is 10 by 10 centimeters / 4 to 4 inches. In addition, the thickness of the plate is about 6 millimeters. We try to produce all shungite unpolished plates of approximately the same size and thickness. As a result, you get a smooth uniform surface if you put several plates in one row. You can use several shungite plate stacked together on the table as a stand for your laptop. Place your shungite tile on top of the microwave or refrigerator. In addition, you can use these square shungite plate as a decorative decoration for your walls in your home or office.