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In this category we have collected shungite sets.
Shungite set is several different products from shungite stone that are assembled in one box. Thus, you get the opportunity to buy several products from shungite in one click. In addition, we provide a discount on each item in the set.
This means that you save when you buy a shungite set versus when you buy each of these products separately. we have created several Shungite sets and included in each set a unique list of products from different categories. For example, in one set you will find pendants, phone plates, water purification stones. In another set you can buy pyramids, pendants, balls, elite shungite stones and so on.
We have tried to make each set unique and include our most popular products in it. This way you can save your time searching for the most necessary and popular products and buy from 5 to 10 different products in one box in one click.
This list of products will cover all your needs for the application of shungite stone in your home or for your personal needs.
If there is no product in your Shungite kit that you would like to buy, then just add it to the cart separately.
Here is a complete list of products that you will find in our shungite kits. These are shungite pyramids, balls, lips, black gray shungite stones for water, elite shungite stones, pendants of different geometric shapes, pendants with engraving, harmonizers, protective stickers for the phone, tableware.