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Our store offers you Shungite pyramids unpolished surface. Our small shungite factory is located directly on the genuine shungite stone Deposit in the Republic of Karelia, Russia.
We have been producing products from natural authentic shungite stone for more than three years. Currently, we are ready to provide our customers with shungite pyramids bulk, as well as many other products made of this black stone.

How it’s made

All our products are made by hand only from a monolithic piece of shungite stone. We do not use any pressed forms or stampings. Each item is hand-cut from a single piece of natural shungite stone.
Shungite pyramid unpolished wholesale have the highest quality of manufacture and several types of surface.

Type of surface shungite pyramid

Polished surface

Polished shungite surface, this is a special surface treatment with felt material at high humidity. Therefore, the surface is mirror smooth and reflects the light of day. Additionally, the color of shungit becomes more nachshonim and deep blacks.

Unpolished serface

Unpolished shungite surface, this is also a special surface treatment, but with the use of a fine-grained sanding belt. After processing, poverhnosti unpolished shungite pyramid stnovitsya smooth, smooth, but not mirror. The surface color of unpolished shungite is more matte (pale black). Such a surface does not reflect light but looks most natural as in nature. In addition, inclusions of pyrite (Golden veins) and Quartzite (white veins) are clearly visible on this surface. The type of surface does not affect the ability of shungite.

Size of shungite pyramid unpolished

In addition, Shungite Tolvu are produce different sizes of shungite pyramids. These can be sizes from 3 to 10 centimeters in increments of 1 centimeter for each type of size. Shungite pyramids unpolished digestable for base base measurement of these products. In other words, each face of the base of the pyramid corresponds to the specified size, but the height of the pyramid is not much less than the size of its base.

Shungite pyramids unpolished surface in our store have a special price for our buyers.
We save time and effort when we focus on manufacturing one type of product. As a result, you save your money.
Shungite Tolvu are look forward to long-term cooperation with you and are ready to maintain the highest level of quality and trust for our customers.