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Rectangular shungite plate

Shungite is an extremely rare mineral that has an amazing ability to protect against EMF. The main source of EMF in the daily life of a modern person is his mobile phone. The rectangular shungite plate is made from a single piece of natural black shungite stone from the Zazhoginsky Deposit. It is located in the Northern region of Russia in the Republic of Karelia. This is the only region in the world where natural shungite stone is mined.

How is made shungite plate

We make rectangular shungite plate for phone only from a single piece of natural stone so that it is most effective. We do not use any pressed forms for stamped production like other sellers. Each rectangular shungite plate has an adhesive base on one side and a flat, smooth surface on the other side. We polish hash shungite plates on one side. This gives the shungite plate a deep black color. But such a surface is short-lived. Because shungite is not a solid rock. Over time, the surface of the square shungite plate will become matte. This happens as a result of the friction of the shungite plate on your clothes. It does not affect the ability of shungite stone.

How to use a shungite plate

Before sticking your rectangular shungite plate, make sure that the surface of your phone or case is clean and dry. After that, remove the protective layer from the adhesive base and fasten the plate in the right place.

Please note that you cannot reuse your phone shungite plate if you tear it off.