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This section presents figurines made of shungite. The figurine is made of compressed powder of 70% shungite and magnesite (binder). The stand is carved from a single piece of shungite stone.

Shungite figurines are the only product in our store that is not made (carved) from a single piece of shungite stone. The fact is that a shungite statuette is an extremely difficult product to manufacture. This has a lot of small details to process. A real shungite stone contains a large amount of carbon. This makes this stone relatively fragile and difficult to process. Especially if these are technically complex goods, such as a shungite figurine. Please see how many different small details the shungite figurine contains.

We use silicone mold to make our shungite statuettes. We make a 3d model of a silicone mold that contains many fine details of each shungite figurine. After that, we crush the shungite to the state of small stones. After that, the small stones of shungite are erased into dust and mixed with magnesite. It is an environmentally friendly natural mineral. This allows you to fix the shape of the liquid substance of the shungite powder in a silicone mold.

If you are interested in any other figures, just contact us and specify which figurine you want to buy. Perhaps we can make it according to your order personally for you. Each figurine has a stand installed. This stand is carved from a single piece of shungite stone and has raw edges. This makes the stand the most natural.

Also in our store we have gifts from their Russian collection of rare crystal glass eggs of various colors.