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Shungite pendant engraved

You may have heard or read about pendants that are made of shungite. But you probably didn’t know that shungite engraved pendant can have a picture, symbol, or any other image of your choice.
Your pendant (amulet) will be even more individual and will acquire additional properties of a talisman or talisman to attract good luck, health or well-being.

What is a shungite engraved pendant

Engraving is a method of applying images to various surfaces. For example, wood, stone, metal, etc. Using a special tool, the master applies a pattern or pattern to the surface of the shungite pendant. The shungite pendant has an engraved drawing of one of the most famous symbols.
Above all, engraving method allows you to apply a drawing that will not be erased for a long time. This will not be erased by rubbing against clothing or washed away with water.
In addition, the pattern has a deep texture and penetrates deep into the shungite pendant. As a result, this pattern is very durable.

How to use

Each pendant comes with a waxed cotton rope. It is also a natural material like shungite the stone from. All our pendants and other shungite products made of authentic shungite stone only . Just wear your shungite pendant around your neck or in your pocket as you like.
You can easily replace the rope from the kit with a chain or other rope material that you like best. The hole of the shungite pendant engraved has a hole large enough.

Size of shungite pendant

We present several sizes of engraved shungite pendants in our store. For example, a size of 3 centimeters / 1.18 inches and a size of 5 centimeters / 1.97 inches. The cost of the pendants will vary slightly from their size. You can always see the price of shungite pendant  as you choose the need size in the item card.
The thickness of the pendants is about 3 millimeters / 0.12 inches. This thickness does not make the pendant heavier but makes it more convenient to paint it. You can find more varies for shungite pendants in this section or choose a shungite pendant without engraving here.