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Our online store Shungite Tolvu offers you shungite cylinders harmonizers. We make cylinders from two types of minerals. This way you can get a set of two wands. Pharaoh’s rods or shungite cylinders are used for relaxation and other health-improving exercises. One rod is made of natural authentic shungite stone. Length about 10 centimeters / 3.94 inches. The diameter shungite rods is about 3 centimeters / 1.18 inches. The other rod is made of natural soapstone and has exactly the same dimensions and diameter.

We sell shungite rods in pairs. You get two cylinders in one set. One cylinder is made of shungite, the other cylinder is made of soapstone. In addition, we offer you two types of surface treatment for each stone. It is a polished surface and an unpolished surface.

The polished surface of the shungite harmonizers is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Light is reflected from such a surface.

The unpolished surface of the shungite and soapstone cylinders does not reflect light and is matte. It is also a smooth surface and the structure and texture of the stone surface is well felt. This is a more natural surface and is approximated as a stone is in nature.

Shungite cylinders are used in meditation and relaxation practices. You can use shungite harmonizers cylinders at your home. Just take one cylinder in one hand and the second cylinder take your other hand. Take a comfortable position. Focus on the shungite cylinders and relax . Feel the energy flowing from one stone to another through your body.