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This section presents beads that are made of authentic shungite stone. Each bead is hand-carved from a single piece of shungite stone.

In order to make shungite beads we use real genuine pieces of raw shungite stone. At the first stage of production, the master gets out cubes of shungite stone of the required size. These cubes will be a blank for the future round shape. After the square blanks are ready, the master makes holes of about 0.8 millimeters in each blank.

After all the workpieces have holes, they are sent to the galtovochny apparatus. Under the influence of centrifugal force, each cube is transformed into a round shape. At the last stage, we use the method of polishing shungite stone. And we make shungite beads of several sizes. It is a size of 1 centimeter in diameter and 0.8 centimeters in diameter.

After the manufacturing process is finished, we thoroughly wash each shungite ball under running clean water. But still, a certain amount of shungite may remain in the holes after treatment. And please use a finer cleaning of these holes if necessary.

Please also note that as a result of the friction of shungite beads on the skin, the polished surface will be matte over time. The fact is that the polished surface of shungite is not very strong, such as granite or other hard rocks.

The matte surface of shungite looks natural and also beautiful as a polished surface. You can use shungite beads to make a shungite bracelet or a shungite necklace.