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Our Shungite Tolvu store offers you shungite powder made of real shungite crushed stones. We personally control the entire process from the delivery of natural shungite stone to our small factory to the final product.

Our shungite powder is made from authentic black shungite stones only. As a result, it has no foreign additives or impurities. Only natural crushed shungite to the consistency of dust.

The carbon content is about 30%.
It is this shungite from the Zazhoginsky Deposit that has become the object of scientific research all over the world. We offer to buy shungite powder in packages of various weights. The larger the package, the lower the price.

The manufacture of shungite powder is a laborious process that requires high-quality raw materials and a special method of attrition. Shungite dust has microscopic dimensions smaller than sand. In this regard, shungite dust can be easily mixed with water to the consistency of sour cream.

Shungite powder has found wide application in cosmetology as well as in the field of protection against EMF. Various cosmetic products for skin care are made on the basis of shungite dust. In addition, shungite crushed stones is used to make shungite paint, which has shielding properties and helps protect against EMF. Also, in the course of scientific research, it was found that shungite powder is a rich mixture of useful trace elements.

Surprisingly, it is a scientifically proven fact that this shungite stone has such a wide range of useful properties and qualities from nature.